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The world of education can not remain untouched by the development of science and technology. In present period, technology plays a vital role in every field. Methods of Teaching became more effective when they are used with tehnology.

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"It is my pleasure to welcome all students to St. R. C. College of Higher Education . You are the asing sun at 7am and I wish you a wonderful bright future, and I am glad to be a part of your success story. We at St. R. C. College of Higher Education have made elaborate efforts to ensure you have an excellent learning experience here, and we trust you will find the facilities to your liking and expectations. As students , you are our pioneer batch. We have spared no effort to bring in excellent faculty, devise excellent instructional content and exhaustive and comprehensive industry interactions St. R.C. College of Higher Education stands for the refined purity we expect to bring into each of our students in the MBA program here - and St. R.C. College of Higher Education has been charged with being the best. We as a team are committed to this concept of excellence I am confident the process we have started, and the facilities and support systems we have plut together will refine the students that pass through the portals of St. R.C. College of Higher Education- and we will be proud to launch professional managers that would be shining bright assets for business and societal good Shri Arvind Sangal St. R. C. College of Higher Education