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The world of education can not remain untouched by the development of science and technology. In present period, technology plays a vital role in every field. Methods of Teaching became more effective when they are used with technology.

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Teaching Staff

Name Of Candidate Post Of Candidate Qualifications
MA/M.Sc. Sub & % MEd. % Ph.D./M Phill/Net(Edu) Experience
Dr. P Kumar Principal �Eco (56.7%) 72.1% Phd. 62.6 13 Years
Mr. Pradeep Km. Goel Lect. in Education (Skt) MA Eco (50.6%) 56.4% M Phill 4.5 Years
Mr. Satpal Singh Lect. in Education (Life Sci.) M.Sc. Zoology (59%) 55% M Phill 6 years
Mr. Upender Km. Sharma Lect. in Education (Com.) M.Com (54%) 60% - -
Mr. Jitender Km. Lect. in Education (SST.) MA History (62.3%) 71.2% - 1 Year
Mr. Samarpal Singh Lect. in Education (Eng.) MA English (55.4%) 65.4% - 3 Years
Mr. Arun Km. Lect. in Education (Phy. Sc.) M.Sc. Chemistery 60.4% - 2 Years
Mr. Dilip Km. Lect. in Education (Hindi) M.A. Hindi (54.0%) 66.0% - -